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My name is Ben Swarbrick and I am a personal trainer from Preston. Prior to this I served in the Parachute Regiment followed by a stint as a professional boxer. 

The journey as a boxer didn’t go to plan, fuck! Thats life and as they say everything happens for a reason. 

Following this I got into the coaching side of boxing and this is where my love for helping other to achieve their goals started. Not just training a boxer to fight but help build strength, improve speed, agility and coordination as well as help with weight management/nutrition.

From this I decided to gain my personal trainer qualification with the aim to make permanent improvements to people’s health and fitness, wellbeing and overall lifestyle.

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Stu Maddox

Ben is a highly dedicated professional who has helped me improve my fitness as well as coach/train through my professional BKB career. He pushes me beyond my limits and gets the best out of me. I will also be thankful and would highly recommend his methods of coaching to all my friends.


Paul Threlfall

Over the past 6 months I have been having PT sessions with Ben. He has helped me to improve my fitness, health and self-confidence. He has also become a good mate. I would highly recommend Ben as an online coach as this lad will give you 110% what you want


Aneesa Quan-Soon

If like me you are after a PT who gets shit done then Ben's your guy. Straight talking, funny, inspiring, with grueling workouts that push you and just when you think you can't do any more he squeezes just that little bit more out of you. Brilliant because you can often underestimate your own strength and ability so its great to see what you can actually do. 
Ben sends daily workouts mixing it up so it never gets boring. He even does voicenotes or videos to explain them if needed. Since working out with Ben I have noticed a big shift in my shape, my strength and overall fitness. Love it! He's a machine but he understands not everyone wants to be mega toned so he works to your needs. He even allowed us to share PT sessions and tailored them to suit both myself and my friend. Highly recommended.


Lancashire, UK

07515 313835

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