What if I cancel a session?

A client who fails to appear for a scheduled training session or who cancels a session without a minimum of 24 hours notice will be charged or deducted a session from their personal trainer package. If I cancel a PT session without 24hrs notice, you will be given a free session.


What happens if I am late for a session?

The trainer is not obliged to make up time due to a client’s lateness. More than 30 minutes late constitutes a late cancellation and the trainer is not obligated to conduct the session.


Why should I use a Personal Trainer?
Some people are happy to follow their own programme in their own time and place; for those who lack the time, or the discipline, or the energy to train effectively on their own, a Personal Trainer can be the answer. The support, advice, accountability and encouragement comes with safe exercise technique to help you avoid injuries.


When do I need a Personal Trainer?
When you are ready to be held accountable for your training, mindset and nutrition.


How often should I train?
Three times each week should be sufficient for you to start feeling and seeing results. Although, like anything, you will get out what you put in. Whether you work out with your trainer every time is up to you.


Where should I train?
There is no 'should' - you can achieve results working out in a gym, in the park, or at home. It is more a matter of availability and of convenience for you.


Will my Trainer put me on a diet?
Here at BPCoaching, you are not on a diet. We coach our clients about nutrition and to do what works for them long-term, encouraging them to still eat the foods they enjoy in a balanced and respectable way, being accountable for their actions.


Can I set the time I work out?
You are the client and so should be able to train when you want. However, do remember that trainers will have existing clients and so your first choice may not be available so it's best to be flexible. If your trainer consistently arrives late or starts cancelling at the last minute you should question whether they are right for you. If you're changing your training time, always give at least 24 hours notice - otherwise you'll be charged.


Where does a Personal Trainer train clients?
This will depend on where you've agreed your sessions will be. Trainers may come to your home. There will normally be problems with taking your trainer to your own fitness centre as they will have their own trainers.

If you are an online client you will do the workouts from home or within your gym.


What happens during a Personal Training session?
A personal training session will normally last for one hour. But here at BPCoaching, you don’t just pay by the hour, we care about you. You have 24/7 support, we are your accountability buddy and we encourage everyone within the community to support eachother.


Does a Personal Trainer ask questions about your lifestyle?
The nature of personal training is such that it incorporates your needs, goals and preferences. The trainer will need to ask some initial questions during the consultation, which probe the demands that are placed on you from your job or lifestyle. Typically the first session will include questions about :

  • Basic personal details

  • Medical background

  • Fitness background

  • Lifestyle factors

  • Nutritional habits (you may be asked to keep a diary)

  • Personal goals and objectives in relation to fitness

So as you can see a trainer looks at more than just the fitness or exercise component of your life. Any professional trainer should be able to provide information and advice about nutrition, stress management, keep you accountable and then be able to refer you on to others where the need may arise (Chiropractics or Massage.)

Why can I not book single sessions?
In order to see results that last you need at least 12 weeks. You can decide after your free consultation if this programme is for you or not. 

What is your training style like? Will I be shouted at? 

You will be pushed and expected to give your 100% in every session, there are no easy rides here at BPCoaching. We don’t accept excuses. You will be encouraged to reach your full potential. You will not be shouted at and even though the training will be hard there will also be plenty of banter and laughs along the way.

Do I need equipment?
If you have equipment, great, however I will bring all necessary equipment to your sessions and I can provide you with a training plan that only involves bodyweight exercises if this is your preference.

More questions? Please get in touch and we will get back to you as soon as possible.